La Viña Allergy Advice

Please be aware that this data is subject to change so make sure that you check it before each visit.

Please also make sure that you inform our teams of your allergy every time you dine with us, even if you have eaten the dish before so that extra care is taken within the kitchen while preparing your meal to help prevent cross contamination.

This allergy data has been derived from our dish recipes and from specifications obtained from our suppliers and the information is provided to enable our guests to make their own decision in menu choice.

However within our Kitchens we use nuts, fish, egg, shellfish, milk and gluten products and it is impossible to fully guarantee separation of these items in storage, preparation or cooking, although every effort is made to minimise the risk.

The information is based on the standard garnishes and accompaniments included on the menu.

Any bread or breaded product may contain nuts, sesame seeds or poppy seeds as a result of cross contamination during the baking process.

We review and republish the allergen data available to us regularly but the circumstances in which a product is made, packaged, stored and distributed may change without our knowledge.

The list is compiled from information received directly from suppliers and is subject to change.

N means that the allergen is not typically part of the Dish.

Y in a column entitled allergens (e.g. peanuts) present indicates that the dish contains that allergen, or that the allergen is present in the manufacturing site and our suppliers believe there is a significant risk that this allergen could cross contaminate the food and is therefore NOT SUITABLE for you if you suffer from this allergy.

Eggs – where they come from and our policy

La Viña understands the importance of good animal welfare standards.  We work in close partnership with our suppliers to ensure our animal welfare policy and its requirements are followed at all times.

We source eggs for our kitchens from the UK and these are all free range and produced to the UK Lion Mark, which guarantees high standards of food safety and traceability. Suppliers of eggs used as ingredients such as bakery products comply with all EU and UK legislation on the welfare of laying hens and the use of enrichment systems.

In addition, they also comply with independent accreditation standards (such as ISO 14001) and farm assurance, which are equally important to us. As with many other food companies and restaurant groups, we continually seek, and listen to, advice from welfare organisations, independent experts and supply partners as to the best approach in moving to ever-higher standards and welfare systems.

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